Thursday, March 23, 2006

Catholic Workers Spotlight Guantanamo Torture 

Oxford, Ohio (ENI). A group of 25 people based in a Catholic Worker Community in New York City have drawn international attention for their protest against the US policy on the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

Members of the group, known for its support of non-violence, launched Witness Against Torture, a campaign which culminated in a protest and prayer vigil in mid-December outside the prison camp at the US naval base in Cuba where an estimated 500 prisoners from more than 30 countries are held. The group plans to hold a protest in Washington DC on Ash Wednesday, 1 March. They also are writing letters to prisoners at the camp.

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World Council of Churches Condemns "War on Terror" 

Porto Alegre, Brazil (ENI). The World Council of Churches has condemned terrorism but in doing so has urged its members to challenge the idea of the "war on terror", warning that anti-terrorist legislation risks violating human rights.

"Every attempt to intimidate others by inflicting indiscriminate death and injury upon them is to be universally condemned," the WCC assembly meeting in Brazil stated in a resolution adopted on 23 February. "The answer to terrorism, however, cannot be to respond in kind, for this can lead to more violence and more terror."

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